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Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Timbuktu to the Court House (Part 1)

Now... there I was... in my pick-up truck... by myself... in the gas station parking lot... and the epiphany hit... I had to actually make her leave or nothing was ever going to change... it would only continue to get worse... I needed some time and space to plan my attack... so I told her to pack her bags, that I would take her to the airport... buy her ticket and put some cash in her pocket... so I stopped at the atm... pulled out $500.00 that I really didn't have to spend... called the airport and paid for her flight (yes, she actually really had booked it) and I put her ass on a plane to Timbuktu!

She never said goodbye to the kids and she had not seen or spoken to them for two days prior to her leaving for Timbuktu. She didn't even ask me where they were or how they were. The following is once again taken directly from my hand written journals:

She's spoken to the kids twice over the past ten days. Sam and Daisy seem happy that she's gone. When I told Sam that she left, his responce was "GOOD." Princess did ask for her once so I called her and she immediately started in with her rediculous threats and accusations, so I hung up on her. I'm avoiding her calls, letting them go to voicemail and saving all of her crazy-ass messages.

She left the house a complete disaster. I had to put the girls' bedroom back together because she gutted it just before she left and had a brand new bedroom set delivered to the house. There is nothing wrong with their furniture. I can't afford new furniture and I'm returning it. She's bleeding me dry. I'm trying my best to take care of the kids, put the house back together and try to earn a living at the same time and I thank God for all the support that I have gotten from both my family and hers.

She is destroying my children and I will not stand for it any longer. She is mentally ill. She is physically and verbally abusive. She is totally unstable and she's due back on Tuesday. If she does come back, I must protect my children. Sam and Daisy asked me, "If you and mommy get divorced, can we live with you?" I told them not to worry about things like that and that I will always be here and I will always protect them, no matter what happens.

When Cruella left, the kids were not aware of where she was. They were at my sister-in-law Dizzie's house. Dizzie knew what was going on and I had told her that I wanted to be the one to tell the kids what was happening and why they hadn't been allowed to go home. When Sam asked Dizzie where I was, she told him that I was on my way there and he told her, "Well, I don't want to go home if my mom and dad are both there because I get scared for my dad. Mommy yells at him and hits him and says bad things about him all the time." This is breaking my heart. I'm going to the court house tomorrow and filing for an order of protection and a temporary order of custody before she gets back.


Signed, Regular Guy


  1. Nice to see you back. Its about time. I thought Cruella finally got ya, like Wile E. Coyote finally caught the roadrunner. Like the stories, keep 'em coming.

  2. You know. We hear a lot about wives being physically abused. But, how do men work through an issue like that? We have such a double standard in society. If a woman should hit back, it's almost acceptable in self-defense....but, if a man hits back? Nope, people don't understand. It must be so difficult!

  3. Ohhh come on Fly... Wiley's never gonna catch the Road-Runner... lol

    and Tamera... you ain't kiddin'... it was difficult... there were plenty of times I would have loved to cave her face in... but that's really the problem... if I was ever to hit her... I would have seriously injured her... where as she would need some sort of weapon to actually physically hurt me.

  4. I know it's not something a lot of you want to think about during this rough time...believe me I've been there. But there are property services available that let you release the equity in your house and rent it back so that at least one of the members of the family can keep the family home after settlement.

  5. Heya RG, I know you don't know me at all, but my brother went through the same thing and what he did was after filing to PFA's he filed to have her committed so she could receive the help she needed. That may be an option. It was rough at first but after awhile she pulled a Britney Spears and is now pleasent and nurtuting. Oh and if ya need anything for those kids, anything at all check out WUAH, myself and many others are constantly helping others there. Can be anything from a cheer leading outfit to birthday cards (everyone sends cards to person). Maybe it'd boost some spirits

  6. Thanks for the comment Paul... unfortunately with the real estate market in the shitter for the past few years... a lot of people like me lost all their equity

  7. Hey Lola... thanks for stoppin' by... and I know who you are... you're fly-boy's celebrity stalker... lol

    I really don't know anything about your brother's situation... but Cruella was locked up in the psych ward for 30 days after her suicide attempt. It basically comes down to the money. No one wants to foot the bill for these froot-loops so they walk the streets.

    I'll try to check out that site you mentioned... but we're all good here... we've got great family and friends... in all honesty the kids are so much more well adjusted since she's been gone... of course I gotta deal with some shit after they come back from a visit... but they're starting to realize that they're mom is nuts and it is what it is.

  8. not sure how this works, was looking for support of some sort, and came across your story...i mean my story, well sort of.
    im married she has 2 form her first, boi-dad passed away.
    we have 2 of our own...she is so much like your wife...only i think meaner...her words cut like a razor...she uses guilt and shame... she is always in pain...the entire world is conspiring against her and i am a #$%#^%$*%^4 not kickin all there asses... she is at present stealing form the government and if i dont p[lay it her way then she will tell the lies she needs so that i wont be able to live with my kids....i cant be one day with out my kids they are my world...and i need help

  9. You know, if you let a year go by without an update, they automatically shut down your blog and delete everything! ;-)

    Hope all is well with you.

  10. Please update!


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