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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cruella's First So Called "Supervised Visit" (Part 1)

Judge Johnson had ordered supervised visitation to begin and that the visits were to be supervised by Cruella's sister Dizzie. The visits would take place at Dizzie's house on alternating weekends and would include both a Saturday and a Sunday visit of at least 4 hours each day. The first two visits were scheduled for 9:00 am to 9:00 pm since Cruella had not seen the children at all in over a month.

It was August 27, 2005; Cruella's very first visit with the children since our court case began one month prior. I arrived at Dizzie's house at 9:00 am sharp to drop off Sam, Daisy and Princess. Rocco had also just arrived also to drop off Lilly. Cruella immediately picked up Princess, hugging and kissing her as Sam and Daisy stood there watching and waiting for some type of recognition from their mother while Lilly barely acknowledged Cruella as she walked right past her and into the house. Cruella then turned to me with Princess still in her arms and started shouting " I need money! You left me homeless and penniless and now I'm on fucking welfare! We're taking these kids to the fair today and I have no fucking money!" I told her to try to control herself in front of the children and called Dizzie over to my truck. I asked her to please pay attention to everything that goes on and to everything that Cruella says to the kids. She assured me that she would and that if Cruella got out of line to the point that she couldn't control her, she would call me to come get the kids. I handed Dizzie a hundred dollars with instructions that it was for the children not Cruella and I left.

I met Rocco and his wife Erin for breakfast at the local diner. I told them that I had a bad feeling about this visit and that I didn't trust Dizzie. I kept myself occupied for the day. I got some work done, went grocery shopping and picked up school supplies for the kids. I couldn't shake that "bad feeling" though. I spoke with Rocco and my sister in law Mary a few times throughout the day. Neither of them had heard from Dizzie and hoped that meant everything was going alright. At about 8:50 pm I called Dizzie's cell phone to let her know that I was on my way to her house to pick up the kids. I got her voice mail and left a message asking her to either have Cruella leave prior to my arrival or keep her in the house to avoid any type of unnecessary confrontation. I called her house phone and her husbands cell phone also. Dizzie never returned my call. When I arrived at her house, no one was there. I called Rocco. He told me that Dizzie had just left him a message telling him not to go to her house to pick up Lilly and that instead Dizzie would meet Rocco somewhere else in order to drop Lilly off. When I asked him what the hell was going on and where were my kids, he didn't know and told me that he'd call me back as soon as he spoke to Dizzie. I was beginning to "lose it" and called the police.

To Be Continued....

Signed, Regular Guy


  1. do not leave me hanging !!!!! update soon pleaaaaaaaaaase

  2. Part 2 is comin' real soon!! .. I promise :-)


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