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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cruella's First So Called "Supervised Visit" (Part 2)

Officer Elwood answered the phone. I gave him my name and began to explain my situation. He interrupted me saying " Hold on, I think I know something about this." He put me on hold for what seemed like an hour. When he got back on the phone with me he said, " Yeah, they're at the hospital, something about a urinary tract infection, Dizzie says she'll call you." When I tried to get more information from good ole' Elwood, he said, "I don't have time for this, I've got an emergency I'm dealing with right now" and he hung up on me! Now I was wild! I drove straight to the police station. On the way I called my sister-in-law Mary. When I told her what was going on she said "Oh my God, she's claiming abuse. What hospital is she at?" I told her that I didn't know and that I would call her back because I was just pulling in to the police station. I entered the tiny front waiting room. There was an officer behind the glass on the phone. I was not my usual polite self and shouted, " Are you Elwood!?" He looks up at me and says, "Yeah, you must be RG, I told you I've got an emergency. Take a seat and I'll get an officer to talk to you in a few minutes." I said. " I have an emergency! Where are my fucking kids!? He tells me to calm down and take a seat. There was no way I could sit still. I went outside and called my dad and now he was telling me to calm down. "You should have known she'd pull some kind of shit" he says. While I was on the phone with my dad, Rocco called through twice. The first time he told me.. "Dizzie called. I'm meeting her at Joe's Deli to get Lilly. She wouldn't tell me anything but I'll find out when I get there, if I have to beat it out of her." When he called back the second time he said, "Dizzie left Cruella alone with the kids at Our Town Hospital Center and you better get there quick because she's making some pretty serious accusations."

I headed for the hospital at warp speed! As I was pulling in the main entrance, Cruella was attempting to leave. She was headed straight at me with the head lights off. She tried to get around me, but when I wouldn't let her pass she threw it into reverse and started flying around the side of the hospital backwards. I stuck with her, nose to nose and when she attempted to spin around in front of the emergency room entrance, I cut her off, blocked her in and dialed 911 on my cell phone. Some hospital personnel came out telling me to move my truck. I told them while pointing to Cruella, "She's trying to kidnap my kids, get a cop out her now! It wasn't long before there were cops everywhere. What a fiasco! I never got out my truck at all. An officer took my keys and asked me what was going on. I explained and handed him my order of protection and visitation order. After quite some time the kids were finally transferred back to me and the officer told me, "we need everybody to come down to the station so we can figure this out. It was almost midnight at this point. I said "Are you kidding me?? What is there to figure out?? I handed you the orders an hour ago. Let me take my kids home. This is ridiculous!"

Well, down to the station we went! Don't miss the dramatic conclusion coming real soon!

To Be Continued

Signed, Regular Guy


  1. ok are you purposely trying to make me learn patience??? good god the next installment please....SOON!

  2. Patience is a virtue... that's what they say anyway... and it sounds like somebody needs to relax... lol...but don't fret the next installment is on the way... SOON! :-)

  3. relax? whats that I have no concept of the word lol, I am wound up tighter than a ....ok don't how that ends, lets just say I don't sleep at night always afaid i am gonna miss something...look at it this way your public awaits your next post

  4. I have a public!? Somebody shoulda' told me that sooner... maybe I'd be a little more prompt with my posting... lol

  5. DH's ex is sane compared to your ex. Wow!!

  6. yes you have a public now get writing lol, you're a blog star mr Annonymous

  7. Thanks for the comment syn... I'm getting a lot of that "WOW and I thought my X was crazy!" so if you know anybody that needs to feel a little bit better about their crazy X...tell them to swing by :-) and kat or should I call you Jane Q Public... lol... I was going to write the next post tonight but had some friends stop by unexpectedly... so I BBQ'd instead... I hope you don't ..maybe tomorrow... mr. anonymous blogstar out :-)

  8. Well if you feel the need to entertain your friends who am I to stand in the ok so something to look forward to tomorrow...I'll make sure I have my popcorn popped this is better than reality tv....


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