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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Understanding The System

The System Sucks!

One of the first things that you need to understand about our judicial system is that nobody really cares. The courts are overwhelmed with cases and their main objective is to get you to settle the case on your own. If that is at all possible, I would suggest that you try. It will save you a lot of time, money and aggravation. If this is not possible because your “hopefully soon to be ex” is completely unreasonable, unstable, violent, incompetent and/or just plain crazy (as in my case) and will fight, lie, cheat and cause chaos in the court room (again, as in my case) keep in mind that the judge doesn’t know who’s telling the truth even though it may be painfully apparent.

If there are allegations of drug abuse, you will have to go for a drug test. If there are allegations of physical or mental abuse, Social Services and/or Child Protective Services will be coming to your home. It does not matter who makes the allegations first or if the allegations against you are purely retaliatory. Get ready for the long haul, stay calm and be accommodating. There are plenty of people and lots of websites out there that will tell you about your “rights” in regards to submitting to drug tests and allowing Social Services into your home. Some of them are correct and actually make good points, however as unfair as it is and as degrading as it is, if you “hide” behind your “rights” you “look” guilty.

Remember, everyone is basically looking to “cover their own asses” so therefore you should do the same. Whatever you are asked or ordered to do; whatever the other party is asked or ordered to do; what you both actually do; any and all visits from Social Services; all visits and phone calls with your children and any behavior patterns that develop as a result; DOCUMENT EVERYTHING IN DETAIL.

Signed, Regular Guy


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