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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Should Supervise Cruella’s Visits With The Children?

Initially Judge Johnson ordered that Cruella’s sister Dizzie supervise Cruella’s visits with the kids. As mentioned in my first post “My Story”, that really didn’t work out so well and I will give you a full post on that one at another time; I promise!

Cruella had to be supervised professionally after that little episode but unfortunately that didn’t last very long due to the fact that the County was footing the bill and, well, Cruella didn’t actually try to kill anyone during the one hour she had with the children once a week so she was off the program after a little less than three months.

So, Cruella’s adoptive mother, Big Cruella petitioned the court to be named supervisor and here are her qualifications:

Mytown Grandmother To Be Sentenced Next Month


A Mytown grandmother faces six months in jail after admitting she stole almost $5,000 while serving as the court-appointed guardian of a retired lawyer who was left brain-damaged and partially blind after a car crash.

Big Cruella Clampett, 62, pleaded guilty to third-degree grand larceny in the theft, the Mytown County District Attorney's Office announced yesterday.

The victim in the case — 66-year-old Dora Poppel of Mytown — said Clampett deserved no mercy at her scheduled sentencing next month.

"She stole too much money," Poppel said. "She should have to go to jail."

As part of her guilty plea last week, Clampett also agreed to pay $3,150 to the Mytown Historical Society to settle uncharged allegations in another case involving missing antique furniture from the estate of former Mytown Town Historian Debbie Johanson, District Attorney Kevin Bacon said.

Johanson, who died in 1997, was among three aging and incapacitated women for whom Clampett was appointed guardian during the late 1990s. A September 2004 report by The Mytown News revealed how the women's assets dwindled under Clampett, who from the start ignored state rules requiring that she regularly account for their money and property.

Two months after that report, a state judge looking into Poppel's affairs ruled that Clampett improperly spent more than $30,000 of Poppel's money, some of which went to herself, her husband and her son.

The judge also called for a criminal investigation that led to her arrest by the District Attorney's Office in August. She was accused of illegally paying herself $5,000 more than the $2,000 she was authorized to receive as Poppel's guardian.

"She attempted to claim at the outset of the case that it was all a misunderstanding and bookkeeping errors," District Attorney Bacon said. "This is criminal conduct."

Clampett 's lawyer, Todd Crafty, said Clampett had probably earned all the money she paid herself because of the amount of time she spent supervising Poppel's affairs.

"I think she just got in way over her head," Crafty said. "If she was really trying to have a larcenous intent, she would have taken a lot more."

Clampett is now working two jobs, at a hospital and a nursing home, to pay back the money she improperly spent, he said.

Crafty said he would ask that Clampett, who has no prior criminal record, be sentenced to community service. Third-degree grand larceny is a felony with a maximum seven-year prison sentence, but under her plea deal, Clampett faces a maximum six months in jail and probation.

In addition to her work as a guardian, Clampett formerly ran an organization called B.C. Clampett’s Supervised Visitation, which provided court-ordered monitoring services for noncustodial parents as they spent time with their children.

Clampett closed that business in late 2004 after she was seen on videotape apparently sleeping on the job while she was supposed to be monitoring a woman and her two children.


I didn't think that she was a very good choice. What do you think?

Signed, Regular Guy


  1. Hey hello!
    You ask if I am interested to link up. The answer would be a yes!

    anyway, I think its really too much if old people start stealing from old people.. stealing is privilege only for the young. I can't imagine a old guy sitting alone in a cell.. haha. thanks again!


  2. Oh I don't think that she should be alone in the cell. I think she should share it with "Broomstick Betty" if you know what I mean!

  3. Seriously I think she needs some time with broomstick Betty to straighten her ass out. Good God are these people from "r"kansas??? A little backwoods for even this day and age....I take it the family tree has few branches from that one post.

  4. You have got to be kiddin' me. Man. I am afraid this is going to be my comment for every single post. I keep having difficulties picking my jaw up from the floor.

  5. LOL... Thanks kat... Thanks tamera,

    Your reactions crack me up!

  6. well I am the Queen of Snark, damn I have this overwelming urge to just hug you and buy you a drink, but only after I have a few myself.....Seriously you can not abandon this blog...I have got to know how all this shit pans out, something tells me you have endless blog fodder material lol

  7. Oh....don't you worry, I won't be abandoning anything! There might be a whole flock of alcoholics out there before I'm through!

  8. well pour me a drink, make it a double baby

  9. Well...I hope you like corn liquor I swiped some from the Clampett family still

  10. I'll have some of that, thank you. We can get ready for the next 'act' in the show. ;o)

  11. Pass your glass.. or your cup.. or your boot.. whatever.. lol

  12. glass. Ha! *snicker*. We're going to need garbage can size.

  13. yaa...and we can go skitchin' on the lid when we're done!

  14. moonshine? did someone say moonshine? pass the mason jar!

  15. I shoulda knowd you'd be lookin' fer some shine... lol


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