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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The System Fails Constantly!

Yes, "The System" did fail both my children and myself in several different areas, however I actually consider myself fortunate that it wasn't worse. I never lost custody of my children and there are many men that have. I have heard horror stories of good men completely alienated from their children for no good reason at all. "The System" is still heavily skewed in favor of the woman, in respect to who is granted physical custody and who has final decision making power.

I won that battle; and yes, the entire case from start to finish was handled by the same judge; and yes, there was a law guardian appointed for my children. There were also forensic evaluations done.One problem here is "Joint Custody". The entire Family Court System, from the Judge, to the Law Guardian to the Court appointed forensic evaluators, are all stuck on the belief that the children should have unrestricted access to both parents. If both parents truly have the children's' best interest at heart; that's wonderful, but far too often that is not the case and one parent or the other should be granted sole custody.

Another problem is that once your case is settled, you're really on your own. Even though my Order Of Custody And Visitation clearly states all of the requirements that my "ex" has to meet in order to maintain her visitation privileges and even though the Law Guardian was left on the case for a year after it was settled, I still get no help. I have sent numerous letters in regards to the requirements that are not being met and how my children's' safety and emotional well being are at risk; and the only response that I have gotten is "Well, if you want to change the visitation schedule, your going to have to take her back to court".

Signed, Regular Guy


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