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Saturday, May 31, 2008

From Wit's End To An Epiphany (Prelude)

Taken directly from my hand written journals, this is a tale of how being completely at wit's end led to an epiphany and a conscious decision that ultimately altered the direction of many more lives than just my own. So... here is the prelude to a sort of multi-part-mini-series (with limited commercial interruptions) that will walk you through the beginning stages of what was to become the most important fight of my life.

It was July of 2005 and Cruella was completely out-of-control and I was at wit's end. I had been talking to my friends, my family, her family and basically anybody else that would listen, about how bad things were getting. I was done covering things up, making excuses and enabling her. I thought that I had been doing the right thing for the kids, but I didn't think so anymore. Something had to change. I had been keeping a diary of her paranoia, her delusions, her odd behaviors, her drug and alcohol abuse and her abusive manic episodes for a few months at that point. Well, she found it, ripped it up and flushed it down the toilet. I freaked... not only did I lose my diary but it was stuck in the toilet waste line in at least 10 different places and it was not very easy to snake it all out. I told her that was it... I was done... she either got help... or we got divorced and I would be taking the kids.

Well... I didn't get the reaction that I was expecting. She actually apologized saying, "I'm sorry. I love you. I'll get help. Please don't leave me. Let's just get away for a little while and take the kids somewhere fun. I promise, I'll start therapy when we get back."

Soo... asshole me packs up the family truckster
and off to Wally World we go...

What a fuckin' mistake that was...

To Be Continued...

Signed, Regular Guy


  1. YOU ARE A TEASE give me MORE !!!!

  2. Ohh kat... soooo impatient... it'll be worth the wait... i promise ;-)

    and pentad... oh boy ?... as in... oh boy, here we go again ?... lol

  3. Yeah that's what you always promise then leave me waiting waiting waiting

  4. just a little bit longer kat... i promise... lol


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