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Thursday, May 8, 2008

When Will My Life Be Sound?

OK... One more poem and then it's back to story time!

When Will My Life Be Sound?

Sometimes I lay awake at night
my mind just will not stop

Hopes & Dreams, Regrets & Fears
my head's about to pop

There is a reason why I'm here
of this I do believe

My past has made me who I am
yet still I can't conceive

Just why my trials keep coming
they never seem to end

Perhaps they make me stronger
perhaps they are my friend

Or is it that they teach me
or do they fuel my wrath

I try to hurdle every tree
that falls across my path

But yet I feel I'm in the air
more than I'm on the ground

When will I find the answers
When will my life be sound

I've got a good one planned for you next time, possibly the one you've all been waiting for but I guess we'll have to just wait and see... I don't want to build it up too much :-)

Signed, Regular Guy


  1. You are such a know it's killing me post it would ya...... love your poetry, I can't write that or fiction am terrible at it only poems I can write are dirty ones lol

  2. I am not! You're too funny... Anticipation is a good thing... I have to give my public something to look forward to don't I :-)

  3. Great poem. I know exactly how that feels. Ask one question at a time, sit back, and the answer will come when you're ready. Believe me, it works! When it appears, act upon it. I really like your poetry!

  4. Thanks Tamera... yeah...I know your right... one question at a time... one thing at a time... one day at a time... I think I need more time... lol

  5. I can really relate!
    Good poem:)

    Take care,


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